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4,5,6 Bonus for more than 10 students

Title: Model Diagrams (in colour)

Book Review:
The model diagram is a very important tool in primary school Mathematics. With the correct use of model diagrams, a child will be able to solve many types of challenging problems easily. The use of model diagrams to solve problems of varying difficulty is explained in detail and in a simple manner. This book is suitable for all upper primary children and also for Primary 3 children who want to have a headstart. Any child who works through this book carefully will acquire great confidence in using model diagrams to solve problems. 90% of the problems based on model diagrams fall into one of the first 8 categories (lessons). The other 6 lessons cover about another 5% of the problems based on model diagrams.
Title: Top Challenging Mathematics Problems in Examinations (in colour)

Book Review:
Examination papers from primary schools were analysed and challenging problems that appeared frequently were noted. These problems are usually the killer problems found in examination papers. They are used frequently in examinations because of one or more of the following reasons: (1) test understanding of important concepts learnt, (2) appeared in PSLE examination papers before, (3) challenging, and (4) interesting. Our detailed analysis revealed that there are about 35 such types of problems. This book is written to include 18 such types of problems and to provide easy-to-understand simple methods of solving these problems. Any child who works through this book carefully will acquire confidence in solving these problems and will no longer be stumped by these problems in examinations. This book is written in colour and with most of the problems written with interesting examples, children will find that solving these challenging problems is no longer scary but actually can be fun and interesting.
Title: PSLE Challenging Mathematics Worksheets for Revision of Primary 1 to Primary 5 Topics
Book Review:

Use this book to revise systematically all primary 1 to primary 5 topics. This book is specially written according to MOE's new emphasis on thinking and problem solving skills. All the problems in this book are carefully designed to enhance your child's thinking and problem solving skills. All the problems are modelled after problems used in top primary schools' examination papers. The only way to find out whether a child has fully understood the mathematical concepts taught is to let the child solve some thinking and challenging problems. Any concept that has not been fully understood can be identified and remedial steps can then be taken to help the child. Guide your child through this book and you will see significant improvement in your child's thinking and problem solving skills. A must-have if your child wants to build a firm foundation or if your child aims for an A or A* in today's PSLE. With constant practice of these high quality problems, a child will have an edge over others and can be expected to do very well in Mathematics examinations.

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