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About Us is a website fully developed by
professionals and educationists each with more than 15 years of teaching experience.

We specialise in primary school Mathematics following the MOE's latest syllabus. All the topics are covered. We help primary school pupils learn and achieve A or A* in Mathematics.

Key features of
  • You can create high quality assessment or test papers using our simple-to-use state-of-the-art computer programs. Questions are selected from our large data bank of more than 18000 questions (more questions are added to the data bank each month). Questions in a paper can be based on a single topic or a variety of topics. An assessment or test paper can be created in less than 10 seconds!

  • Let your child learn Mathematics online and independently in a fun way without being nagged by anybody. is always patient with your child!

  • If you decide to work with your child, you benefit too. Every question (except very simple questions) comes with a carefully explained answer. With these detailed answers, your child will be amazed by your mathematical ability and you can be the best Mathematics teacher your child will ever have. Furthermore, you no longer have to spend long hours working out your child's assessment papers just to help your child.

  • We recognise that every child's learning ability and pace are different. We have rated every question either easy or difficult. You can thus create your very own customised assessment or test papers based on the level of difficulty that best suits your child.

  • For teachers who are often burdened with lots of classroom duties and administrative tasks, we have meticulously prepared more than 15,000 figures to help you to teach creatively and effectively. You no longer have to spend long hours preparing teaching aids. Simply project the web page onto a big screen and concentrate on your teaching. Great results with minimum preparation!

Let your child have an
edge over others, with access to more than 18000 questions and clear detailed answers. About 50% of the 18000 questions are simple problems. The other 50% are either challenging or thinking problems.

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one of the best investments you will ever make for your child.

Our Managing Director is Ms Tan B M. She graduated with a BSc in Mathematics and Education from the University of Malaya and a MEd from the University of Sheffield.

Our advisors include
  • Dr Chan Gin Hor, PhD (Mathematics), University of British Columbia
    Dr Chan was with the Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore for many years. He has retired from NUS.

  • Dr Chen Chuan Chong, PhD (Mathematics), Queen's University
    Dr Chen was with the Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore for many years. He has retired from NUS.

  • Dr Choo Eng Ung, PhD (Mathematics), University of British Columbia
    Dr Choo has retired from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

  • Ms Ratha A J, BA (Hons), Dip. Ed. (University of Malaya), MA (ELT, University of Warwick)
    She has been training teachers for Malaysian schools for more than 15 years.

Our Address
138 Robinson Road
Singapore 068906
E-mail: (Tan B. M.) is wholly owned by BinWei Pte Ltd
(Registration No. 200505511N)

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