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For children: learn Mathematics online.

For teachers, use the video projector to project this web page onto a big screen and then simply select any question to teach your class. Just concentrate on your teaching. Minimal preparation is needed.

Lessons on model diagrams.

No prior knowledge of model diagrams is assumed. Model diagrams are explained in great detail and more importantly how model diagrams are used to solve problems from the simplest to the most difficult.

If a child understands these 17 lessons properly, the child should be able to solve most of the problems on model diagrams.

27 lessons based on challenging problems teachers love to use in examinations. These are usually the problems your child can't do in an examination.

Let your child learn how to solve these difficult problems using simple methods and see your child's exam score improves.

14 lessons based on interesting problems that require thinking skills to solve (more lessons will be added soon).

After these 14 lessons, you child will be asking you for more maths problems to do. Maths is fun!

12 basic lessons on fractions
17 lessons on model diagrams
5 lessons on understanding fractions

Gain an excellent understanding of fractions!

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