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Download a worksheet based on a single topic

If your child is weak in fraction, for example, doing more CA's or SA's is not going to help much. This is a foundation problem and the problem simply won't go away doing more CA's or SA's. In fact, your child might become more discouraged. For this case, a worksheet based on fraction alone will be the most effective in strengthening your child's foundation.

[If you have a small cut on your finger, why take a pain killer like Panadol? A small plaster will be the most effective.]

Download a worksheet based on model diagrams

Download a worksheet based on problems teachers love to use in examinations.

Download a worksheet based on interesting problems that require thinking skills to solve

Download worksheets based on ratio

Download worksheets based on fractions

any number of CA1, SA1, CA2, SA2 anytime you need it.

Why waste money on 5 sets of CA1 when you child needs only 2 sets of CA1 to practice?

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